39th Foulée Blanche Cancelled


On Saturday 7 January 2017 the organisers of the Foulée Blanche decided to cancel the 39th edition of the event, which should have taken place 11-15 January 2017 on the Autrans – Méaudre nordic domaine in the Vercors, Isère. Poor snow conditions have made it impossible to run the Foulée Blanche reasonably safely.

Insufficient snow to enable thousands of skiers to enjoy the Foulée Blanche

Although there has been good skiing since the Christmas holidays in Autrans-Méaudre, it has been entirely thanks to cultured snow and the microclimate on Gève plateau. Despite the best efforts of the technical teams it has not been possible to create a loop long enough to accommodate thousands of skiers and to provide an event that everyone can enjoy.

« The track we have created is too short for mass racing and not selective enough for the elite”. Wilfried Valette, event director and coach of the US Autrans.

In addition, today’s weather forecasts do not indicate sufficient snowfall by the end of next week.

Rendezvous for the 40th edition in 2018!

« Putting the disappointment of this cancellation behind us, the whole team will quickly and enthusiastically re-mobilize to prepare a 40th edition consistent with the ambitions and expectations of our participants. The organizing committee warmly thanks all the volunteers and professionals who have given so much energy to overcome the difficulties, and our partners for their unfailing support”. Michèle Arnaud, president of the Foulée Blanche.

In 2018, the 40th Foulée Blanche coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the Olympic Games in Grenoble. Let’s hope that good snowfall will help us commemorate this important date in the history of nordic skiing on the Vercors plateau.