Press release – The 38th Foulée Blanche will go ahead!

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Photo: Sylvie Chappaz

Press Release

38th Foulée Blanche

13-17 January 2016

AUTRANS – Plateau du Vercors – Isère – FRANCE

The 38th Foulée Blanche will go ahead!

Following numerous meetings over the last few days, the Foulée Blanche organising committee has decided to go ahead with the French Alps’ largest mass participation nordic skiing event, which is also an important occasion in the social and economic lives of the Autrans-Méaudre commune.

«Today’s snow conditions combined with the weather forecasted for next week will enable us to go ahead with the 38th edition of our great nordic event, using modified tracks at Gève,” confirmed members of the Foulée Blanche association.

We have been skiing in Autrans without interruption since the end of November!

The Mayor of Autrans Mr Thierry Gamot, stated, “Autrans is one of the rare nordic sites in France where skiing has been possible without interruption since 28 November.” The savoir faire of the nordic site’s technicians and the support of the locals has enabled the Gève site (1300m altitude) to exceed expectations by offering 17km of well maintained tracks for cross country skiers. More informations:

Weather forecasters in agreement for the next few days

All the forecasters that the organizing committee has consulted agree with the outlook; a cold damp weather front will arrive over the Alps and the Vercors in the next few hours. This spell of wintery weather should last several days and comes as a great relief to the ski station and the 400 volunteers who have been out on the ground for several weeks doing their level best to ensure that the event will be a success.

Gève plateau will host the races of the 38th Foulée Blanche

The organising committee would like to be crystal clear on one issue: the probability that races will start next week from the nordic centre in the village, is very thin. Fallback routes on Gève are being developed, based on the current snow. Exact route information will be updated depending on snow depth as time goes by. Thus Gève plateau and its 17 km of tracks currently open to the public, will host the 38th Foulée Blanche, which starts on Wednesday with the Junior Foulée.

For more details: download the complete file: [Téléchargement introuvable]Geve

  • “Foulée Blanche is in Autran’s DNA, it’s part of their history!”
  • In 2016 the 38th Foulée Blanche moves onto the world stage
  • For all these reasons…

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